This center is devoted to the development of a healthy self concept in children.  We believe children will achieve self worth by building self confidence and instilling self esteem.


Program Committment

We are committed to making children good about themselves by helping them to build a positive self image.

We support the theory that children think well of themselves and develop self respect when there way of thinking is accepted and appreciated by others.

We are further committed to creating an environment in which self-contorl, self development, and self-expression is encouraged.


Prorgam Foundation "Keys to Success"

We are dedicated to building character in children through promotion moral development and teaching good character values and ethics.  We have developed our keys to success curriculum to teach these values in out everyday interactions.

Many of these values are endorsed by the character counts coalition, the (NEA) National Education Association and the Chesterfield Co. Public School System.

Those values are: Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Sharing, Caring, Fairness and Citizenship.

We feel that operating under these values will help to establish a wholesome atmosphere conductive to learning, promote social awareness, and contribute to the success of young children in school and prepare them for long-term achievements in life.

Our keys to success program was inspired by the bible scripture: "Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from i." (Proverbs 22:6)


Self-Concept Curriculum

Our center uses the self concept curriculum. This integrated curriculum focuses on all aspects of children's development.

It is based on enhancing the total development of children.

It covers four basic areas beginning with the child, then progressing on to home and family, school and friends, community and community helpers.

Each day will consist of many fun, educational learning experiences.


Pre-Academic Curriculum

Our Pre-Academic Curriculum offers many coordinated and structured developmentally appropriate activities that are designed to help meet the learning and developmental needs of your child.

This curriculum is designed to help your child explore different areas of learning.

This curriculum also provides your child with an opportunity to become familiar with basic education concepts such as: Comprehension, Beginning Writing, Beginning and Ending Sounds, Colors and Shapes, Readingreadiness, Math Readiness and Number Concepts.

We do recognize that differences in the ages of children and the very real differences in their abilities, careful consideration will be made when introducing new experiences.



There will be many opportunities for play.  Through play children learn from each other.

We believe that play is an important creative outlet and that it is very essential to the development of young children.  It helps children to expand their attention span and increase their persistence, as well as develop creativity and imagination.



We realize that children learn best by doing, and enjoy learning about themselves.

We will have a wide variety of developmentally appropriate accessible equipment, materials, and hands on activities that will stimulate your child's learning ability, promote creative expression, encourage your child to take pride in themselves and in a job well done, and produce many valuable and satisfying learning experiences.

Our daily lesson plans will provide many opportunities for children to use their own creativity as well as a variety of teacher directed activities.  These activities are designed to help your child develop Language, Grow Emotionally, Socially, Intellectually and Physically, while building a strong sense of the own Individuality and Self Confidence.

There are various other activities presented throughout our day which allow children to: Take Turns and Share, Interact with other Children through Language and Listening, Cooperated with One Anther rather that to Compete, Take Turns and Share Learn Independence, Solve Problems and Test and Exercise Their Bodies.

All of our activities are created to encourage your child's natural love of learning.



Each classroom will be arranged to encourage the children to be as independent as possible and invite them to experiment and experience their world around them and they function in it.

The children will have daily opportunities to chooses from a variety of learning center that offer activities in the areas of Art, Music, Science, Manipulative Activities, Dramatic Play, and a quiet area for Reading. Our aim is to encourage creative thinking and imagination.


Daily Schedule

 We will have a schedule that provides a balance of quiet and active periods as as a variety of group structured and independent constructive play.

This balance provides a stable sequence of events. This stability gives children a sense of security and orders as well as to provide consistency and structure.  It also produces an opportunity for teachers to meet the learning and developmental needs of the children individually and collectively.

 Additionally, this balance allows for transitioning which helps to promote Good Listening Skills, Develop Attentiveness, Encourage Cooperation and Time Management and help the children to learn and follow step by step directions.

We have designed this transition to be both predictable and dependable, but capable of flexibility for special times.



Overall, our goal is to meet your needs and those of you child.

We understand that educating a child is a joint endeavor.

We will do everything we can to keep you informed and answer questions concerning your child and their progress.

We will work hard to create an environment that is loving and nurturing, where your child can feel safe and secure and receive the affection, attention and guidance they need to grow and develop in their own way.


Come and see why "Our Peace Of Mind is the Key to Your Peace of Mind!"

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