"Staggered Arrival"

**Preparation for day.  Arrival of children from 6:30-9:00.

Morning Admission Inspection: Activity level, skin level, unusual spots or rashes, swelling or bruises, sores (open/ozzing) severe coughing/sneezing, discharge from nose; eyes; ears, breathing difficulties, general mood/behavior.

**For the health  and safety of all, services will be denied to children exhibiting and of these symptoms





Teacher's choice/Free Play (Center)





 "Clean Up"





Teacher's Pick Up Class/Bathroom










 Clean Up from Breakfast/Free Play



 "Welcome" -"Key Time"- Bible Curriculum: Good Morning Son, Prayer for Students, School, Family and Friends, Our Day. "The Lord's Prayer": Mathew 6:9, Bible Story, Bible Verse.

(Bible Puzzles or Flashcards if Time Permits.)


 9:15-9:30  "Circle Time" "--Introduce Day's Activities": Topic & Themes, Morning Warm-Up: Exercise (Ex. Simon Says, Hokey pokey, Jumping Jacks, ETC.....)



Outside/Free Play









Acdemic Review Time: Activity Worksheet, Flashcards, Misc.


 11:00-12:00  Indoor Play/Selective Play (Ex. Playroom, Table Time, Games, Etc....) OR (**Scheduled Summer Camp A.M. Field Trip**)













Bathroom & Lunch Room Clean-Up





 Movie Time





Quiet Reading/Journal Time





Color Sheets


 1:30-2:00  Art Project/ Self Selected Quiet Play (Ex. Puzzles, Games &/or Video, Checkers, Battleships, Connect the Dots, Etc...)








Clean-Up for Snack









 P.M. Art Activity or (**Schedule Summer Camp P.M. Field Trip**)





Free Play "Kids Choice"










"Staggered Departure"/Free Play


Come and see why "Our Peace Of Mind is the Key to Your Peace of Mind!"

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