6:30-9:00 "Staggered Arrival"

*Preparation for day. Arrival of children from 6:30-9:00.

Morning Admission Inspection: Activity level, skin level, unusual spots or rashes, swelling or bruises, sores (open/ozzing) severe coughing/sneezing, discharge from nose; eyes; ears, breathing difficulties, general mood/behavior. **For the health  and safety of all, services will be denied to children exhibiting and of these symptoms.


6:30-8:00..... Free Play

7:45-8:00..... "Clean Up" Teacher's Pick Up Classes

8:00-8:10..... Bathroom (Preschool) = (2/3) & (4/5)

8:10-8:15..... Bathroom (S/A) = (School-Age)

8:15-8:45..... Breakfast (All)

8:45-9:00..... Clean-Up from Breakfast; (School-Age) = Board Bus 

                        (Pre-School) = Free Play  (Teachers Selected Activity)


Instructional Time: Our "KEYS" in Teaching
Toddler's = Introduce, 2's Reinforced, 3's Identify, 4's Application, 5' Challenge


9:00-9:15... "Key Time"

Bible Curriculum: Welcome song, Prayer for students, school, family & friends & our day; & "The Lords Prayer" Matthew 6:9; song: "Oh be careful...." 

Weeks Theme: Bible story, Bible memory verse, closing = song: "Jeus loves the little children", school song: "A Little Peace of Mind"


Transition Time: "Our School Rules"

9:15-9:45... "Circle Time"
"Pledge of Allegiance" & song: "Grand Ole Flag"; Calendar: (Month of Year, Days of Week, Season, Weather), Alphabet's: (Sight & Sound), Number's: (Sight & Sound); Name Recognition: (W/Jumbo Cards), Shapes & Color Recognition, Picture Recognition, Opposites, Handedness: (Right & Left), Body Part Identification.

--Introduce Day's Activities: Topic & Themes; Month's Theme, Week's Theme, Shape Word, Letter, Number and Color of the Week "Talk Abouts" Art Project.

--Literature & Language Development: Music w/Nursery Rhymes, Fingerplay, or Poems (Ex: Itsy Bitsy Spider); Fairytale or Folketale Story (Ex: Gingerbread Boy, The Three Little Pigs) Flash cards and Spainish review; Small, Smaller, Smallest; Big, Bigger, Biggest.

--Close: Morning Warm Up! (standing & hopping on 1 foot & alternating) and/or Simon Says, & Hokey Pokey.



Bathroom = (2) at 9:30; (3) at 9:45; (4/5) at 9:55



Snack (clean-Up/Wash-Bathroom after snack)



(2 Year Olds) outside (weather?) playroom- at RTRN w/Story

(3,4 & 5) "Key Notes" Pre-Academic Curriculum = REFRESH: (Alphabet/Letter *Upper & Lower Case*, Number, Color, Shape, Word, & Theme/Topic of the Week), A.M. Activity, Worksheet = Pre-Reading (Word/Picture Association), Pre-Writting (Tracing, Composition/Journal Notebook), Pre-Math (Numbers, Symbols, Grouping, Matching, Connect the Dots, Rote Counting &Tracing) Flash Cards, Art/Construction = (fun Project) Cutting & Pasting.



(3 Year Olds) outside (weather?) playroom

(2 Year Olds) "Key Notes" Pre-Academic Curriculum = REFRESH: (Alphabet/Letter *Upper & Lower Case*, Number, Color, Shape, Word, & Theme/Topic of the Week), A.M. Activity, Worksheet = Pre-Writing (Stencil, Intro to Tracing, Coloring Sheet), Pre-Math (Sight & Symbols) A.M. Activity/Fun  Project/Art = Cutting, gluing & Construction, Learning Readiness = (Opposites = Big & Small, Same & Different), Social Awareness, Sensory & Table Time = Puzzle, Blocks, Playdough, Chalk, Bubbles, Rice Play.


Fours & Fives

11:00-11:25..... (4's & 5's) Outside (weather?) Class Free Play

11:30-11:50..... *LUNCH*

11:55-12:00..... Bathroom (4/5) Clean-Up, Wash/Bathroom *FOR FREE PLAY*



2's & 3's

11:30-11:45..... Bathroom (2) Clean-Up, Wash/Bathroom *FOR LUNCH*

11:45-11:55..... Bathroom (3) Clean-Up, Wash/Bathroom *FOR LUNCH*

12:00-12:20..... *LUNCH*

12:20-12:25..... Bathroom (2-3)


**Centerwide Story & Nap

12:30-1:00..... Story Time & Song

1:00-3:00....... Naptime (Preschool 2-3 & 4-5)

3:00-3:15....... Wake-Up, Clean-Up, Wash-Up/Bathroom

3:15-3:30....... Snack


2's & 3's

3:30-3:45...... Phonics w/ABC's

3:45-4:30...... Outside Play or Table Tme (puzzles, blocks, rice, playdough, chalk, bubbles)

4:30-5:00...... Potty Time and Movie Room

5:00-6:00...... Playroom/Free Time


4's & 5's

3:30-4:00...... Art Project

4:00-4:15...... Phonics w/ABC's

4:15-4:30...... Table Tme (puzzles, blocks, rice, playdough, chalk, bubbles)

4:30-5:00...... Outside Play or Playroom



3:50-4:00...... Bus Arrival

4:00-4:10...... Wash for Snack

4:10-4:25...... Snack

4:30-5:00...... Homework/Study Time (Free Play is work is done)

5:00-6:00...... Outside Play/ Playroom or Free Play "Departure Home"



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