Safe Arrival

All children are asked to arrive no later than 9:00am, unless you have extenuating circumstances and have made prior arrangements with the director.

All Pre-School children must be walked through the front door to their individual classrooms.

All before and after school children must be walked through the front door.


**All children must be signed in and out daily in the attendance log book located in the front lobby.**


Safe Departure

Note that your child will be released to persons only if their names appear on your signed emergency form.  Unfamiliar family or friends may be asked to show picture I.D before your child is released in their care.

If someone other than ther persons listed on the form is to pick up your child, you must provide written notice before your child can be released into their care, a photo ID will be required.. and there will be no exceptions. **Short notice will be will be excepted in cases of emergency, and ID still will be required before your child is released from our facility.**


Late Pick-Up

All children must be picked up by (6:00 pm), our scheduled closing time.  If you will be arriving after closing, please call us immediately.  A late pick up fee of $10.00 every (15) fifteen minutes or any portion of (15) fifteen minutes will be charged for children leaving after our scheduled closing time.

**Late fees must be paid in cash with-in three days.**

If we have not been contacted by you with-in 15 minutes after closing the follwing procedures will occur:

1. We will attempt to contact you.

2. We will call your childs emergency contact(s), in order they are listed on the emergency form.

3. If we are unable to reach anyone with-in one hour of closing, we will be required by law to contact child protective services.

Come and see why "Our Peace Of Mind is the Key to Your Peace of Mind!"

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